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i will record this later

A friend suggested I try this game and man am I glad I did. This is easily in my top 5 best indie horror games I've ever played. It was terrifying, it was intense, the story was great, the sounds were great, the scares were excellent, etc. etc. It doesn't look like this game got much attention and that is so lame. I'm going to be recommending this to friends for a while and I'm definitely going to be checking out your steam horror game that you advertised at the end. 

Thank you for the amazing game!


This game has a lot of potential but there's some things holding it back.

There's loads of backtracking with keys that you can't judge which door they're to be used on so you gotta try every door until you find one that opens, and for each door you have to open the inventory to use the key, it got quite tedious after a while. A simple colored key and lock system would have done wonders here. Or if you wanna go the extra mile, a themed key set like in resident evil ("This lock has a diamond on it" etc.)
That first enemy is pretty much guaranteed to kill you at least once (and because it was so dark I couldn't even see where I was going so I died again even after knowing how to avoid it,) and it's frustrating that it's a bit away from the save spot.

I assume the controls are all as they are deliberately but I didn't really like the mouse turning, or the inventory having to be constantly opened for even the map.


I am totally puzzled and honestly shocked this game isn't more of a success in the YouTube realm. It has every horror element that we Let's Players buzz about and more. All-in-all, very well done.

Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it!

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Holy Crap this game is spooky, and really well done. 

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this game was very good. shouldnt even be free.


Please release a Linux version!!!!!