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AROUND EVERY CORNER. Face against stealthy antagonists that will take advantage of your expectations.


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Damn, great to see how you've progressed past Roblox. I remember watching people play your games like Light Bulb, BREACH, and They Breathe. To be honest, the games you make with Unity are far more scarier than the ones you made in Roblox

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I've gotten through almost the entire game, did the secret modes, AND even earned the Deaf achievement... And I can say that it's amazing! The AI is still finding ways to surprise me. My favorite gamemodes so far have been Classic and Hide-and-Seek, though Classic is easier than before. I was also wondering if it would still be fair to have the Hide-and-Seeker spawn behind hallway corners more often.

I've seen a few glitches. A piece of furniture propelled by the Poltergeist slammed me into and beneath the floor, and one time the hide-and-seeker spawned directly in front of me while outside. These haven't done much to ruin my experience, though.

My only big issue is with the Living Halls gamemode. The monster's aggressiveness and the twists and turns made my experience more similar to fighting a crowd of weeping angels. I decided to disable pixelation while playing it, and while it helped me with interpreting the map, I still haven't beaten it...

All and all, the game can be frustratingly difficult at times, but I love it all the same. I laughed, I screamed, and I had a LOT of fun streaming it on discord. Looking forward to future content!


this game is intense! i had fun but I dont think i could beat it lmao i need help!!


This is the sickest horror i've played in a while!!
My video:

This game is great and very scary, but for reunning it I have to use wine windows program runner for playing it, so please make a linux version of it, unity also works in linux so its possible. Btw, congratulations on finalizing such an amazing game!

It's great to see how much content's been added to this game! I've been infrequently paying it since V7 and it still sends shivers down my spine.

In gameplay from the final version, I noticed that the descriptions for all the modes are available from the start. What if instead they were individually unlocked as you completed the modes? Going in blind and having to learn the AI through experience was a big part of the fear for me in V7.

Thanks so much for following development! 

Yeah, I will hide the instructions for each game mode until you've died at least once. I had intended the how-to-play section to be an option only for people who want hand-holding, but I realize now that most people will use it just because they think they have to.

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

(stay tuned)

Can Turkish subtitles come? c:


SKIP TO 12:32!!!

good game but i think it steals. ha bu bum ching

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This looks really good! I'm so exited for the next version! The game is looking really good right now.

Also I'm a developer myself, your the main inspiration for me and why became a game developer. Thank you.

EDIT: I just want to say that this game is awesome and I'm so exited for the next version!!

Please add to your game a fast option to make it run fast on computers, it lags when I start playing, Thanks

The next update has some changes to increase performance! It should be a lot better.

The new update is out, and it has performance changes as well as graphics settings, so the game should run faster now.


Kicked its butt again ;0

Hola, aquí un pequeño gameplay pasivo de su juego y bueno no pude resistir por mucho tiempo con tantas veces esa Inteligencia Artificial matándome y siendo malo conmigo :( pero muy buen juego, querido creador :)

YouTuber: PatrickGame


One thing I just think is annoying Is that there Is NO QUIT BUTTON. Please add a quit button I have to use task manager every time. BUT STILL ITS A GREAT GAME!

Also this Is correct grammar.  For people wondering.

Oh yeah oops, I will make it so pressing Escape closes the game. thanks

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Also I would love to see Silent dark in the unity engine If you have enough skill to pull that off since I didn't have a chance to play It.

I would also also, would like to see Light Bulb as well, I think that would be epic to see It in the unity engine.


The also also is not a grammar mistake.

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I am making light bulb 3 in unity!!!!

its a 2D game but thats what it was made out of before but the original light bulb is in 3D

Oh my jeez that was stressful! I was running away from it i got the one before the last crystal, it stopped running. I could see the thing and IT STARTED SCCREAMING AND RUNNING 3X ITS SPEED >-> It was like 1m away from me when i got to the last crystal and barely made it!!! Crazy update!


The new update makes being chased feel like a rythm game. I know it isnt, but when it's really close it has some nice beats i must say! Also good job on making it scarier. It really tricked me with its fake crystal eyes. >:(



I like the variety in this game, we got thoroughly surprised at times!


My gameplay!


Video soon, any other 'Stars'? :D That was quite a challenge.


Hey thanks for playing! There's one star to get right now but I definitely want to add more stuff in the future.

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Hey, i used to love you games on roblox and you were an amazing creator.  I revisited them to see that they were sadly shut down. I have started codding game and use unity. If you can reach out to me on discord i wanna talk more and maybe be a partner.

PS im not a cringy 8 year old im 16

Hey, i used to love you games on roblox and you were an amazing creator.  I revisited them to see that they were sadly shut down. I have started codding game and use unity. If you can reach out to me on discord i wanna talk more and maybe be a partner.

PS im not a cringy 8 year old im 16

You are lucky to get the star before the update, This thing just became 2x more unpredictable >_> And it's super awesome!


Well, I wouldn't say the 'monster became harder' unless you genuinely played the game before and after and you know from personal experience. The monster could just kill you right at the get-go, he was nerfed in regards to how he gets progressively aggressive, while in the version I played, he was aggressive unpredictable from start to finish if he desired. :L Either way, I'll be playing and beating the game down the road again, for sure.