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Welcome to the Upturned Inn: a grand hotel for the dead! You just want to find your room. 

In this frantic adventure, explore thirty unique floors and meet the Upturned Inn's many strange and dangerous inhabitants, scurrying and chucking furniture to defend yourself. Meet Ik, the founder of the Upturned Inn, and together unravel a cosmic horror as it comes to pass. Nothing is what it seems, and every soul is in danger.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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The Upturned 267 MB

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Hi there, I'm loving the game so much! I had similar ideas for my own game I'm working on. Btw. I was wondering... where's the save file of that game located?

Thanks in advance for your help ^^

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Got the title. Were the graphics based on how we remember older games, or is that just me???


What a delightful game!!! I had a feeling I was gonna like it but I couldn't have anticipated that it would take over my entire life for a brief moment. Everything in this game just oozes creativity and personality, it's filled with wonderful little characters and amazing story moments. It's the only game I can think of that made me both laugh and yelp in fear, a mixture that deserves huge praise. I simply love everything about this title: the story, the level design, the challenge, the MUSIC (I had to go back and buy soundtrack, something I rarely do but I simply had to do it, every single track in game was a jam and a banger)... I cannot recommend it enough. Play it if you want to play something unique and amazing, it's a TREAT and a TRESURE in my opinion.

Also, if by any chance you read this: I streamed this game to my friends and we were all obsessed with the jingle the guns made ... literally obsessed. I bought the soundtrack on steam already but I GOTTA ASK , do u still have that gun sound somewhere??? WE NEED IT 

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THIS GAME RULES!!! i am a friend it was streamed to and i enjoyed every second of it. incredibly fun hangout game if you like streaming with friends over discord and stuff. ik is my best friend!!! shrimp is also my best friend!!! the funny little run animation and pitter patter sounds were my best friends!!! the gun jingle... is my bestest friend of all.


worth every penny! 


Got this for a streamer friend. The low-res was an initial turn-off but gotta admit, combined with the gameplay it adds to the charm. Admittedly, haven't gotten too far in it yet but really enjoying what I've seen so far. Minor complaint would be at some points it's too dark, can be more frustrating than challenging. But so far those moments have been brief.


y'all better play this masterpiece of a game.